Yoga is an ancient practice of improving and refining the physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It is a path for self-connection and spiritual growth. Even though yoga in the form of asanas became the most popular form of yoga in the west, as it has proved to be beneficial to the body and mind in countless studies, it also has a far-reaching depth which goes far beyond the benefits to the physical body. Yoga is a science on its own; a science of self-responsibility, and growth. I would even venture to say that it is infinite and timeless.

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Benefits of Yoga

Improves cardiovascular health

Curbs chronic neck and low-back pain

Controls diabetes

Staves off stress and anxiety

Decreases depression

Lowers cancer risk

Promotes positive self-perception

Lengthens lifespan and youth


Having witnessed a complete personal transformation as a result of her yoga practice, Surya decided to change her life and career and dedicate it to sharing such tools for self-transformation and self-discovery. Ever since, she has embarked on many physical and spiritual journeys traveling to many remote destinations, such as Bali, Thailand,  India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and doing yoga and meditation training.

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Awakening for transformation

The whole universe inspires towards evolution and awakening. Life in itself is constant change; to be alive is to continuously transform. There is no stopping this force of creation and consciousness.

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